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If you are searching for dog daycare in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles, Barkingham Palace provides an amazing doggy daycare where small dogs RULE! Our LA dog daycare is a safe, fun and clean environment specially suited for all small dog breeds. We are a full-time care and activities center. Our goal is to keep your doggy happy and active. At West Hollywood’s Barkingham Palace Doggy Daycare, we strive to provide your pooch with its every need. Whether it’s hours of play, pampered dog grooming, or social interaction with other small dogs, we offer it all at Barkingham Palace Daycare for Dogs!


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Dog Daycare LA Features

  • Smallville: Don’t let the name fool you! Smallville is a large play area with plenty of room for running around. It also features the Romper Ramp, a fun ramp that the dogs can run up and down or duck in and out of it’s many alcoves. If they need a little break or a nice nap Smallville features many comfy beds of all sizes for them to pick and choose from.
  • Tiny Town: Our special area for dogs 5 pounds and under. It is equipped with miniature furnishings, where the smallest of dog breeds can frolic safely with other dogs their size.
  • Dog Grooming: We have a full service grooming salon equipped to groom any size dog! From a basic shampoo and pedicure to a stylish new coiffure, we do it all.
  • Basic Dog Obedience Training: Our staff certified dog trainer can teach your attending pup all the basic skills they need to be social and serene.
  • Doggy Naptime: Anytime your dog needs a little relaxation, both Smallville and Tiny Town have many perfect places to rest on comfy beds and cushions.
  • Hours: 7:30 am til 7:00 pm M-F and 10:00 am til 4:00 pm Saturdays. Closed Sundays.
  • Rates: $8.00 per hour up  to 4 hours and thereafter it becomes the day rate of $38.00. Or you can buy a package which brings it down to $35/$33 per day.


A Truly Top Notch Doggy Daycare LA Experience!

Whether we pamper your dog with love and kisses, give it a stylish new haircut or have your dog come and play for a day with other dogs its size, Barkingham Palace doggy daycare will redefine excellence in everything you’ve ever wanted for your pup!


Download and fill out the Daycare Registration Form and get your pooch started on a regal adventure today!



Any Questions?

Go to our Contact page for location hours and a handy contact form. Or you can call us during business hours.

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